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Pool Cleaning Service

Pool Cleaning Service, Parts, & Repairs

Don't let algae and over chlorination ruin how you or others enjoy your pool. At Aruba Pools, we provide one-time and weekly cleaning for both residential and commercial pools. Stationed in Texas, we provide our pool cleaning services to pool owners throughout Round Rock and all of the Austin metro area. Avoid the health risks that come from over and under chlorinated pools with our cleaning services today.

Kick Back With Our Pool Related Services

If you're just coming out of the swimming season or just beginning it, we have a one-time pool cleaning service that is perfect for big cleaning sessions. For those wanting a more constant solution, we also offer a Monthly service. We come to your home and take on the chore of keeping your pool clean throughout the entire season, letting you enjoy your pool without lifting a finger. The service our Monthly cleaning offers you includes the following:

• Vacuum
• Brushing
• Pool Chemical Balancing
• Adjusting Chemicals
• Emptying Baskets and Bags
• Equipment Check

Anytime you're faced with repairs and renovations to your pool, just contact our pool operators to take care of whatever your pool needs. Pumps, filters, plumbing, lighting, heating, salt cell generators, plaster, tile and coping are all services we provide.

We service all major manufacturers:
Hayward - Pentair - Jandy - etc.

Pool Chemical Balancing


Green to clean services

We do covers as well as drain and cleans.